Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Four months!

Today you are four months old. You are learning new things in leaps and bounds now and I never now what to expect next.

You are big enough for your exersaucer now and just this week started to play in it.

You like to sit in your bumbo chair while we Skype with grandma and grandpa.

You love to stand up and bounce and are putting these skills to use in your new jumper.

You are over 14 pounds now and you still have beautiful blue/grey eyes.

You put EVERYTHING in your mouth. Mommy's fingers, GiGi, Sophie, Pebble and the list goes on and on.

You are strong enough to face outward on our walks now and you silently take all the world has to offer you in.

You like toys now and can hold them in your hands.

Your reflection in the mirror makes you laugh, especially after bath time when you are all wrapped up in your towel.

You have certainly found your voice! You shriek with delight and scream with frustration. Quite often we find you talking to your toys.

Love you so so much!


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