Sunday, 9 March 2014

Get to Class - TRX

Yesterday I went to a TRX class as part of the #fitmamasyeg challenge. One full hour of nothing but TRX. When I mentioned to J that I was going he said something like "isn't that the workout that was really popular 5 years ago?"  Fine, so I am a little late to the game on this one but I might as well share my experience right?

I have done TRX exercises before with a trainer and at strollercize, but I have never taken a full class.    We worked our whole body from piston squats to chest press.  The instructor warned us that we might feel dizzy during the class and I was surprised when I actually did. Like nauseous dizzy.  I am going to assume it is because the TRX straps are moving so slightly that you don't really notice, but it is enough to make you feel a bit queasy.  Or, I am out of shape : )

Te hardest exercise for me by far, was the suspended hamstring curl. 10 reps in and my hamstrings were screaming! 

A TRX system, a mat and your body weight are all that are needed. The gym had all the TRXs suspended from a big frame, but neighbours of ours just had their basement ceiling reinforced so that they could do the workouts at home. I might be popping over for some suspended pushups :)

My thoughts
It was a very good workout! I am already sore as I type this and I found it a bit easier to isolate the muscle groups than I do using free weights.  I would love to go back to this little gym and try some more classes. They also offer a TRX yoga class which I think would be awesome. 


  1. Ha ha I have never been to a TRX class before or used the system. Looks tough but I assume would be so worth it.

    1. Since writing this post this morning my lower abs have become more and more sore lol. I think that is a sign of a good workout : )

  2. I've never taken a TRX class before but they look tough!


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