Saturday, 15 March 2014

Get to Class: ViPR HIIT

On Thursday I wen to my last class as part of the #fitmamasyeg challenge: ViPR HIIT. While I thought ViPR was just the name of the weight, it turns out  it is an acronym  for Vitality, Performance and Re-Conditioning.  If you have never seen a ViPR before it looks like this:

This workout was 100% new to me! It was in the same studio as the TRX class and I kept telling the instructor how much I loved it! It was very challenging even with the lightest ViPR (4kg). 

The workout was set up tabata style with about 8 exercises for 20 seconds x 8 reps with a rest between. Exercises included jumping jacks holding the ViPR overhead, lunges with a wood chop motion, lateral shuffles tipping the ViPR end over end (sorry if that explanation doesn't make sense), and russian twists cradling the ViPR at chest height.

This video of the top 10 ViPR exercises is probably much more informative than my attempt at explaining the moves:

ViPRs come in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 & 20 KG options. The ViPR is made of rubber and has specially moulded hand grips that you can see in the photo above. According to the official site:
You can also place your hands through the ends or use the single handle on the other side for a grip. This allows maximum variety and comfort for clients to lift, shovel, push, pull, rotate and throw while integrating the whole body through movement at the same time.
My thoughtsI loved it! I am considering getting a ten pass for the studio just to go to the class more regularly.  The ViPR didn't feel cumbersome and the total body workout was intense.  I also tend to need new types of workouts to keep me motivated.

Have you tried ViPR before? Did you love it??


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