Thursday, 6 March 2014

Virtual Run Date - Calgary

Hi there!

On today's Virtual Run Date we find ourselves in Calgary with Leigh from The Best Thing is Love.

Meet Leigh!

Hi! My name is Leigh and I live in Calgary, Alberta. I grew up in a small town in Ontario though.

If I were visiting your city, where would we go on a run?
I have to brag and say that Calgary has some pretty amazing pathways all over the city that make great spots for running. My go-to spot is along the river heading towards downtown from the north part of the city. The pathways around the Glenmore Reservoir are also great too!

Where should I stop for a pre-run coffee?
I am the wrong person to ask this question as I don’t drink coffee or tea. I’ll say the very Canadian answer of Tim Horton’s.

Where is the best spot for a post-race brunch?
Hmm, another thing that I don’t do often after races, so I have no ideas!

I forgot my shoes/gels/running socks… where can I get some new gear?
My go-to spot for running gear is the Running Room or MEC. There are various RR’s all over the city with friendly and helpful staff. There is also Gord’s or the Tech Shop. Both are great as well!

What is the must-run race of the season?
I’m a little biased, but I’d have to say the Calgary Marathon. It offers many different races (from a kids race to a half to a 50K this year) and nothing beats a hometown race. Plus, the volunteers and crowds are awesome!

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  1. Thanks for including and featuring me :)

  2. Great post! Leigh is always so positive and inspiring on her blog!


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