Monday, 3 March 2014

Weekly Workouts (Feb 24 - March 2)

Monday Feb 24 - OFF
Tuesday Feb 25 - 60 min. HIIT
Wednesday, Feb 26 - #fitmamasYEG online workout
Thursday, Feb 27 - 60 min. HIIT
Friday, Feb 28 - #fitmamasYEG online workout
Saturday, Mar 1 - Jillian Michaels DVD
Sunday, Mar 2 - OFF (I had an exam to write!)

Thoughts his week:

  • Why is it so hard to adjust to the fact that life with a baby is so different! I need a new way to plan workouts : )
  • Mall walking might actually be a decent workout when it is -40 outside. 
  • Finding a decent running jacket that is moderately priced is more challenging than it should be!
Can anyone recommend a running jacket for me? I need a new spring one that is rain resistant, sweat wicking, and preferably with underarm vents (but not the wide open kind).  My current jacket is flame orange and I would like something more subdued. Grey, black or even deep purple or navy would work!


  1. My husband bought me one from the RR that is made by Brooks and is black. It's lighter, but wicks sweat away, but doesn't have any under arm vents. I like it though! And nice job on the workouts last week


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