Monday, 31 March 2014

Weekly Workouts (Mar 24-30)

Monday, Mar 24 - 60 minute HIIT
Tuesday, Mar 25 - OFF
Wednesday, Mar 26 - OFF

Thursday, Mar 27 - 60 minute HIIT
Friday, Mar 28 - OFF
Saturday, Mar 29 - 6 km run (avg pace 5:25)
Sunday, Mar 30 - 75 minute yoga flow

So last week was less than stellar and I completely missed a recap of my Arizona week. It did include two solid runs.

Here are some key events from the past month:
  • I participated in Edmonton's Bust a Move HIIT class and got to be on stage!
  • We are getting Weston into a pretty solid betide routine which means I need to workout between 6-7pm now.  This is actually a good thing because I have a set time!
  • I am getting a bit faster (slowly). I am excited by this even if it is just over the shorter distances.
  • I mentioned that I found out I have diastasis and I am going for some pretty serious rehab. Initially I was told no running but they loosened up on that.
  • I am almost finished by case study for marathon coaching. If I pass I can move on to coach a real live runner :)


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