Monday, 7 April 2014

Weekly Workouts (March 31 - April 6)

Monday, Mar 31 - 60 minute HIIT
Tuesday, April 1 - OFF
Wednesday, April 2 - 4km Stroller Run
Thursday, April 3 - 30 minute walk with Weston in carrier
Friday, April 4 - 60 minute HIIT
Saturday, April 5 - 6 km run (avg pace 5:25)
Sunday, April 6 - OFF


  • 2 runs! Not exactly meeting my goal of three but I am on track this week because I ran today : )
  • Running on pavement is 1 billion times easier than running on ice and gravel (especially with the running stroller).
  • I reread Crazy Sexy Diet yesterday because I have plans to clean up my act. I also bought some spirulina. I am crediting it for my stellar run performance today. It certainly wasn't due to being well rested : )
  • J has an injury to his lower leg. It is pretty serious because he can't run for two days (eye roll).
I posted this on twitter but want to share it here too for some Monday motivation:


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