Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Recapping the Long Weekend

Yesterday morning as I ate my customary bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and savoured my ONE cup of coffee I thought back to May long weekends past. How things have changed from long weekend camping and icy lake dips to car shopping and first time zoo visits.  I think I might finally be an adult!

I all honesty, it was just nice to have two parents home for three days.  We walked, sat on the deck int he sunshine, went to the farmers market grand opening, ate Pho with Weston (he ate pieces of cucumber from my papaya salad) and made plans for summer and fall.

I managed to fit in two good workouts - a 60 minute spin class on Saturday and an 8km run on Sunday morning.  This pretty much sums up my feelings during the spin class:

I am actually very happy with that 8k run. At one point I would have scoffed at that distance but now I treasure that I can run it pain free and happily. I also went back to the running room this weekend and caught up with old running friends. It was great to hear about their racing plans from the Ottawa half marathon next weekend to the Banff/Jasper relay. 

On the car front we have narrowed it down to three choices: Kia Rondo, Mazda 5, or a used Volkswagen Jetta Wagon. Now we just need to find the best deal. We debated becoming a two car family but in the end decided that there was a reason we move to a mature area and part of that was being able to bus to work. We aren't entirely sure how the daycare drop off and pick up will work yet, but we will find a solution. 

With the slightly warmer weather and longer cardio workouts I have been feeling SO thirsty so I have been sipping on Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator throughout the day. It is making a difference!

So that was my long weekend in a nutshell. Did you get up to anything exciting?

Saturday, 17 May 2014


Lately we have been very busy visiting family, completing plans for our house renovations and landscaping, shopping around for a new car and soaking up time with Weston.

Lately I have noticed that I find it much easier to stay home all day with Weston. Maybe it is because he is on the go and keeps me much busier than an infant, or maybe because I have finally found my groove at home with him. Either way, the days are precious and passing far to quickly.

Lately I have mixed feelings about going back to work and I am constantly thinking of solutions. Can I work a compressed work week, can I go to four days a week, how will pick up and drop off work? The biggest question that looms is should I find a different job?

Lately I have been far less concerned with schedules. It is a great gift to learn to go with the flow.

Lately I have been trying to reconnect with working out purely for fun. I joined the gym again after a five year hiatus. I go to spin class and body pump and I haven't had this much fun in years. I might even go to a step class this week.

Lately I have been running about 90% pain free. I am trying to not push it and respect my limits. I wish I had read this Q & A with Lauren Fleshman months ago.  This quote in particular has been a huge comfort this week:

"Don’t underestimate the trauma that birth can cause to your body. A lot of women have the baby and get so caught up in it, you forget what your body went through. It takes a full rehab and love and care"
Lately I have been inspired by the Ikea #houserules ad. Have you seen it? What are your house rules?

What have you been up too lately?

Monday, 12 May 2014

Let the sun in

Last week I was offered a complimentary eye exam at Iris optometry and I snapped up the chance. I was convinced that my vision has worsened since pregnancy and I rarely wear my contacts now because they are so uncomfortable.

It was a very thorough exam complete and I learned quite a bit about my eye health and how to be more proactive in my vision care. It turns out my vision is only slightly worse in my right eye, but my eyes are extremely dry and rough. I am going to chalk that up to breast-feeding and not being diligent enough with my water intake. The result = 1 week of prescription eye drops and NO contacts until they have improved.

I had a lot of questions for the optometrist. In particular, I wanted to know if she had seen an increase in visits due to poor eyelash extension application. I have only tried extensions once, and it was so uncomfortable I ended up peeling them off one by one myself (something you should never ever do). I am also always very interested in where people went to school so we chatted about that for a bit.

I confessed that I rarely wear sunglasses.  I can't run in them (I feel claustrophobic) and I don't usually drive while wearing them either.  Did you know sunglasses prevent cataracts or at least the early development of cataracts? I watched a little video about how the lens filters light and promised to attempt to wear sunglasses more regularly.

The highlight of the visit was begin gifted a new pair of Spy Sunglasses with the happy lens.
I am going to get back to you with a full review on how they feel once I am in the clear to wear my contacts again.

I chose the mint chip frame to try something different!

Do you wear sunglasses regularly?
Have you heard of the happy lens??

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Revisiting my spring goals

Last month I wrote a post about my Spring Rejuvenation Plan. Now that we are a week into May, I thought I would revisit progress on my goals.

Goal: Switch to half caff coffee 

I have been pretty successful with this and I am consistnely down to one can of (caffeine free) pop a day!

Goal: Dedicate every Sunday as new recipe day!

Fail :(

Goal: I am going to reactivate my yoga online subscription so I can do 30 minute or even 45 minute (gasp) classes at home.

I did reactivate my pass and then didn't do ANY classes lol. But I have been going to pilates and love it so so much that I am considering doing teacher training to spread the word about activating your core!

Goal: Read at least one book a month

I crushed this goal by reading three books!

Goal: Meditate

I sort of did this. I went to a three hour undalini yoga class and was completely out of my element but I didn't leave. That is worth something right. I didn't do very well during the meditation however. I feel I am having a crisis of faith at yoga lately. I can't really put it into words, at least not very eloquently so we will leave that subject for now.

Do you have any goals for May you want to share??

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

6 Months!

Six months! Half a year but it feels like a lifetime of new experiences. 

I think you are about 17 pounds now but will find out next Monday at your vaccination appointment. 

You still have Aunty's grey eyes. They seem to change with the light and the colour you are wearing.

You move so quickly scooting around on your tummy. We can't take our eyes off of you for even a second or you will inevitably end up on the floor, under the bed or under the coffee table.

You are sleeping like a pro. Sure you wake up a few times but you sleep and nap in your crib. Mommy misses our night time snuggles but I know it is for the best and I am so proud of you!

You have two teeth! I think there are more on the way too.

You have tried lots of different foods. You seem to like oats, green beans, banana and cucumber best. We are still working on the bottle. You can be a stubborn little guy.

You know some consonants now! Mostly dadadadeeda and sometimes a ba or ga thrown in for good measure.  

You still love our walks and sitting outside on the back deck soaking up the sunshine and noises.

Love you so so much!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Running 101 - Stretching

I thought today would be a good time to talk about stretching.  In the injury prevention post I suggested this topic was entitled to its very own post so here we go!

Last week I attended an injury prevention seminar by The Running Clinic.  They covered a lot of really interesting info, but the part that struck a chord with me was their take on stretching.

Here is an overview:

  • Stretching before running has a negative effect on running performance (especially if held over 60 seconds)
  • Stretching before a run does not decrease the risk of injury.
  • Stretching does not prevent DOMS.
  • Stretching does not improve post workout recovery
If you are wondering right now why you have been stretching and whether you should even bother the answer is YES.

This is why:  Stretching normalizes the muscle stiffness that is unique to you. We all have different imbalances and aches and stiffness will show up very differently in each person. Just last night I talked to people who experiences upper back soreness, calf pain, and hip pain after doing the same run.

Some guidelines on stretching:.
  • Always stretch AFTER your run (not before).
  • Here are some examples of stretches from The Running Clinic.
  • Do not stretch if you are hyper flexible (I think I mentioned I have hyper mobile hip joints)
  • Stretch your proximal (closest to body) and not distal (furthest from body) muscles. Think quads and hamstrings and not your calves.
This really is just a sampling of all the info out there on stretching.  As I said before, if you have a tried and true stretching method that works for you, stick with it! If you are noticing that stretching has very little positive outcomes, you might want to consider the guidelines above. 

Lastly I want to share something very interesting with you! If you suffer from tight IT bands and gluteal muscles (including the dreaded piriformis) you have probably tried out the yoga pidgin pose stretch at some point.  I certainly have! This article has some great info on why this probably isn't the best stretch for you.  Here is what they suggest is the BEST IT band stretch you could do:

You can thank me later for sharing this little gem :)

So tell me... do you stretch??