Tuesday, 6 May 2014

6 Months!

Six months! Half a year but it feels like a lifetime of new experiences. 

I think you are about 17 pounds now but will find out next Monday at your vaccination appointment. 

You still have Aunty's grey eyes. They seem to change with the light and the colour you are wearing.

You move so quickly scooting around on your tummy. We can't take our eyes off of you for even a second or you will inevitably end up on the floor, under the bed or under the coffee table.

You are sleeping like a pro. Sure you wake up a few times but you sleep and nap in your crib. Mommy misses our night time snuggles but I know it is for the best and I am so proud of you!

You have two teeth! I think there are more on the way too.

You have tried lots of different foods. You seem to like oats, green beans, banana and cucumber best. We are still working on the bottle. You can be a stubborn little guy.

You know some consonants now! Mostly dadadadeeda and sometimes a ba or ga thrown in for good measure.  

You still love our walks and sitting outside on the back deck soaking up the sunshine and noises.

Love you so so much!


  1. That picture of Weston under the cib kills me! So cute :)


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