Saturday, 17 May 2014


Lately we have been very busy visiting family, completing plans for our house renovations and landscaping, shopping around for a new car and soaking up time with Weston.

Lately I have noticed that I find it much easier to stay home all day with Weston. Maybe it is because he is on the go and keeps me much busier than an infant, or maybe because I have finally found my groove at home with him. Either way, the days are precious and passing far to quickly.

Lately I have mixed feelings about going back to work and I am constantly thinking of solutions. Can I work a compressed work week, can I go to four days a week, how will pick up and drop off work? The biggest question that looms is should I find a different job?

Lately I have been far less concerned with schedules. It is a great gift to learn to go with the flow.

Lately I have been trying to reconnect with working out purely for fun. I joined the gym again after a five year hiatus. I go to spin class and body pump and I haven't had this much fun in years. I might even go to a step class this week.

Lately I have been running about 90% pain free. I am trying to not push it and respect my limits. I wish I had read this Q & A with Lauren Fleshman months ago.  This quote in particular has been a huge comfort this week:

"Don’t underestimate the trauma that birth can cause to your body. A lot of women have the baby and get so caught up in it, you forget what your body went through. It takes a full rehab and love and care"
Lately I have been inspired by the Ikea #houserules ad. Have you seen it? What are your house rules?

What have you been up too lately?


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