Monday, 12 May 2014

Let the sun in

Last week I was offered a complimentary eye exam at Iris optometry and I snapped up the chance. I was convinced that my vision has worsened since pregnancy and I rarely wear my contacts now because they are so uncomfortable.

It was a very thorough exam complete and I learned quite a bit about my eye health and how to be more proactive in my vision care. It turns out my vision is only slightly worse in my right eye, but my eyes are extremely dry and rough. I am going to chalk that up to breast-feeding and not being diligent enough with my water intake. The result = 1 week of prescription eye drops and NO contacts until they have improved.

I had a lot of questions for the optometrist. In particular, I wanted to know if she had seen an increase in visits due to poor eyelash extension application. I have only tried extensions once, and it was so uncomfortable I ended up peeling them off one by one myself (something you should never ever do). I am also always very interested in where people went to school so we chatted about that for a bit.

I confessed that I rarely wear sunglasses.  I can't run in them (I feel claustrophobic) and I don't usually drive while wearing them either.  Did you know sunglasses prevent cataracts or at least the early development of cataracts? I watched a little video about how the lens filters light and promised to attempt to wear sunglasses more regularly.

The highlight of the visit was begin gifted a new pair of Spy Sunglasses with the happy lens.
I am going to get back to you with a full review on how they feel once I am in the clear to wear my contacts again.

I chose the mint chip frame to try something different!

Do you wear sunglasses regularly?
Have you heard of the happy lens??


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