Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Recapping the Long Weekend

Yesterday morning as I ate my customary bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and savoured my ONE cup of coffee I thought back to May long weekends past. How things have changed from long weekend camping and icy lake dips to car shopping and first time zoo visits.  I think I might finally be an adult!

I all honesty, it was just nice to have two parents home for three days.  We walked, sat on the deck int he sunshine, went to the farmers market grand opening, ate Pho with Weston (he ate pieces of cucumber from my papaya salad) and made plans for summer and fall.

I managed to fit in two good workouts - a 60 minute spin class on Saturday and an 8km run on Sunday morning.  This pretty much sums up my feelings during the spin class:

I am actually very happy with that 8k run. At one point I would have scoffed at that distance but now I treasure that I can run it pain free and happily. I also went back to the running room this weekend and caught up with old running friends. It was great to hear about their racing plans from the Ottawa half marathon next weekend to the Banff/Jasper relay. 

On the car front we have narrowed it down to three choices: Kia Rondo, Mazda 5, or a used Volkswagen Jetta Wagon. Now we just need to find the best deal. We debated becoming a two car family but in the end decided that there was a reason we move to a mature area and part of that was being able to bus to work. We aren't entirely sure how the daycare drop off and pick up will work yet, but we will find a solution. 

With the slightly warmer weather and longer cardio workouts I have been feeling SO thirsty so I have been sipping on Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator throughout the day. It is making a difference!

So that was my long weekend in a nutshell. Did you get up to anything exciting?


  1. Did you end up buying a new car? I let my husband do all of the research (he loves that kind of stuff!) and then I just have to test drive it. We were debating between a couple different SUV's when we bought ours and it came down to my comfort level driving it since I am so short

  2. Not yet! We go back on Thursday and are leaning towards a Mazda5. What SUV do you have? My sister is really little too (like 5"0) and so is my mom : )


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