Sunday, 8 June 2014

7 months!

A couple of days late on this one, but that is because seven months old keeps me soooo busy!

I think you are over 18 pounds now. You are almost too heavy for mommy to carry you in your car seat.

You still have Aunty's grey eyes. People think you look like your dad but I see so much of Aunty in you it is crazy.

You are pretty much crawling now or finding some way to scoot around the room. You get frustrated on your hands and knees and seem to want to crawl in a downward dog position. I try to help you but that tends to make you even more impatient ; )

You are still sleeping well. You go to bed at seven and wake up at seven (plus the nighttime wakings but I am treasuring our quiet moments at night before they are gone).

You still have just the two teeth but boy are they sharp!

You finally decided to take a sippy cup. It is a green and white plastic one from Ikea that was $1.50.  You sure have your tastes.

You know a lot of consonants now! Da da, ma ma, and gurgling too.

You still love our walks and sitting outside.  Sometimes I move the exersaucer outside too so you can twist and turn and watch everything going on about you. 

You are a great swimmer! You can dunk under the water, front float and back float. It is my favourite way to spend a Sunday morning.

Your favourite rhyme at Intellidance is the washing machine.  Twist, twist twist in our washing machine!

Love you so so much!


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