Thursday, 5 June 2014

Adventures in Baby Food Making

Weston has been eating solids for a little while now so I thought I would take a moment to share how that is going.  He is generally a really good eater. He hasn't turned his nose up anything with the exception of prunes. I can't say I blame him.

In the month and a half he has had solids he hasn't has anything non-organic. Something I really hope we can keep up.

His daily menu goes something like this:

  • breakfast - 3T of fruits and/or vegetables
  • lunch - 3T of fruits and/or vegetables
  • dinner - 3tbs iron fortified cereal with water/almond milk or pumped milk.
The iron fortified cereal is very important right now because we aren't introducing meats. He has had egg yolk however and he really likes lightly curried lentils.

There are some really solid organic baby food products out there right now and we tend to use the pouches as a way to introduce new foods that we don't usually have on hand (like mangosteen) or fruits that require careful straining.  These are our tried and true brands:
  • Baby Gourmet
  • PC organics
  • Plum organics
  • Ella's Kitchen
  • Earth's Best

I generally stock up when they are on sale. $1.25 per pouch and $.79 per jar are pretty decent deals. 

To prep Weston's foods I steam it in a silicone steam basket and then puree it in our mini mixer which does the trick. If you need a finer puree you will probably need to use your blender.  Soft foods like avocado, egg yolk and banana are mashed with a fork.

I have been pureeing only single vegetable and fruits at a time and then mixing them later so that we aren't stuck with 24 cubes of the same thing. For some fruits I just steam them and cut them in small chunks (e.g. apples and pears).  All the fruits and vegetables are organic and either whole and fresh (sweet potatoes) or frozen (peas and mango because I hate peeling mangos!).

To store his food I freeze it in ice cube trays and then in marked freezer bags, use mason jars for 2-3 days depending on the puree, or add a little lemon juice to steamed fruits and pack them in his eat and go serving bowls.

I also attended a baby led weaning class that put me at ease about the complicates messages surrounding when to introduce foods. For the first couple of weeks I tracked things on an excel sheet but now we are way more laid back. I also let him taste small pieces of what we are eating. Tomatoes and cucumber are some of his favourites.

So that's it in a nutshell. Introducing solids is probably my favourite baby event to date because I love to watch his reaction when he tries a new food. Oh and they say if your little refuses a food on the first try, try again later. This was definitely the case with bananas for us!


  1. Introducing food is so fun! Weston really seems to be digging the solids :)

  2. I am a mother of twins and I could not live without the Wean Meister freezer pods. I loved their modern design, but they were super functional! The whole tray is silicone, including the lid, so no freezer burn. They have 9 pods, so 9 meals, each 2.5oz. These trays are BPA free and use a grade of silicone that is actually higher than the FDA grade, making them safer for babies. The food pops out very very easily, which was a huge problem with some other brands. You can get them here:


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