Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Making Plans

Weston will be 8 months old next week! Where has the time gone?

Meanwhile, I have been busy making all the plans that will help us make the work/childcare transition. While it makes my heart ache to have to leave him, I count myself extremely lucky that I have the full year off with him.

Here is the good news: I found a home day care! It is half a block away from us, the home is immaculate and the child area in the basement is wonderful.  I will be paying to hold the spot until mid October or November (depending on when I choose to head back).

I am also trying to figure out what work arrangement would be best for us and how we can flex our schedules to allow for pick up and drop off. It is also in the back of my mind that we need to start planing fast and easy dinners. I am a horrible meal planner. We rarely eat together because one of us is always on the run and I really don't want that to be Weston's normal.

I have been finding a lot of inspiration from Mayim Bialik's cook book and her easy solutions for children. On that note, we also told the day home provider that we plan to raise Weston vegetarian and she was so accommodating.  That is another stress lifted.

The additional pro of the day home being so close to us, is we can continue with our plans to run home for pick up.  We found out this month that J is likely losing his subsidized parking spot downtown so we will need to make alternate arrangements.  While we don't drive at the moment, we had been keeping it as an option in case we had to drive Westie to his day care.  There are some major road works that will continue for two years (ugh!) so running home is actually the easiest commuting option. It is a ~6k run for me and 7 for J. I probably have the even faster route since I don't have to get through any of the downtown traffic lights.

I also see this as the best way to fit in any sort of exercising when I am back at work. I am not prepared to give up evenings with Westie and I don't think lunch time workouts will be an option.

Any tips to share on how to plan for the return to work are most welcome!


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