Friday, 25 July 2014

Setting new PBs

So this has take a WHILE to post, but better late than never is my new life motto.  Last weekend I raced my first 10k run since having Weston. I say race and I actually mean it. Although my time wasn't superb, I did get into a racing mind set for the event. Here is how it went down!

The pre-race week was tricky. It was so hot outside that I ended up doing one speed training workout indoors and one outside with the stroller. I treated that week as a training week and not a taper because I have bigger races coming up. Friday night I did a cross training class too that may or may not have been a super smart move.

I made some other mistakes that I will share:

  • I didn't hydrate well enough to accommodate the hot weather during the week or my bf'ing hydration requirements.
  • I ate way too early (5 a.m.) and didn't have any fuel pre race (9 a.m.).
  • I didn't carry water despite my gut feeling that I needed it.
  • I downed a glass of gatorade at a water station despite not having gatorade or running with it for about 18 months lol.
  • I made the rookie mistake of starting way too fast. Ok not fast by a lot of measures, but faster than I am capable right now. My first 5k were about 5 min kms that dropped to 5:30 for the last three. I overestimated my fitness level and endurance right now.
The good points:
  • It felt so revitalizing to run faster an be on course with amazing runners!
  • The medal is fantastic!
  • I have a base line to set training paces off of now!!
I finished 10k in 53:11. Not horrible, not ground breaking. I am pretty proud of it regardless and can't wait to get to more races!!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Late to the party - compression socks

When I was given the chance to try out Dr. Segals compression socks I jumped at the chance for a couple of reasons. As a distance runner I have read a lot about the merits of training in compression gear but had never taken the leap to try it out.  Also, we all know I have been battling quite a few injuries postpartum so anything that could speed up recovery would be an ally in my court.

I received this pair of the running socks which have 15-20 mmHg of True Graduated Compression Therapy

According to the Dr Segal site, the benefits of their compression socks include:
  • INCREASED CIRCULATION helps push blood from the surface veins into the deep veins to promote more oxygen to the working muscles for faster lactic acid recovery - your legs feel less fatigued and more energized during your run as well as after by reducing the symptoms of muscle soreness the next day
  • REDUCED SWELLING and leg fatigue to give your legs increased energy
  • A COMFORTABLE FIT ensures plenty of room in the toe box and the sock band stays in place
Intrigued, I set out and did some more research.  Here are a couple of articles for your reading pleasure if you are also sitting on the fence about splurging on a pair of socks or sleeves:
Unsure of how to best make use of the socks I emailed the company with my questions and received this very helpful response:
We don't recommend using compression socks during a race if you have not trained in them prior to. Its basically like changing your diet the day of the race so to speak. So we can send you the socks immediately and feel free to start training in them if you like and see how they feel otherwise we'd recommend you using them during recovery!
So Sunday I am running 16km and I plan to wear them for recovery as I have a 10k race the following weekend. I will also wear them throughout the week after my shorter training runs. Stay tuned for my full recap!

note: I receive this item free of charge but the opinions shared are always all mine!

8 months!

Can you believe my little man is 8 months already! I can't. I also can't fathom the idea of going back to work in four months. We did however find an amazing day home that it literally five houses away so at least that puts us a bit at ease.  I say us, but J is already used to leaving him every day so I do think the transition will be harder on me at first.

What can baby Weston do at eight months? What can't he do is more like it!

You can crawl very speedily and gets into everything and anything. You love to climb the stairs, pull to stand and walk around furniture. Yesterday, you surprised me by walking while pushing a stepping stool around the kitchen.

You LOVE almond butter. It is really quite funny. Your favourite lunch right now is what I call a deconstructed almond butter and banana sandwich with little pieces of pita bread dipped in AB and chunks of banana. You don't like guacamole. In fact you spit it out on mommy today.

You have started to dance!! I first saw it when you were listening to the baby mozart machine and again yesterday at intellidance.

You still love to swim. You are in a new group and pool and last week you wore a life jacket for the first time and did back and front float. I love how much you adore the pool!

You like to shout and raise your arms. I am not sure what you are trying to tell me but you sure are excited whatever it is.

You had a great visit with your cousin from Winnipeg and went on your first camping adventure. You didn't love the tent but you sure do love the outdoors!

Next month will mark 9 months and we will have known you just as long as we waited for you to arrive!

Love you much!!