Friday, 25 July 2014

Setting new PBs

So this has take a WHILE to post, but better late than never is my new life motto.  Last weekend I raced my first 10k run since having Weston. I say race and I actually mean it. Although my time wasn't superb, I did get into a racing mind set for the event. Here is how it went down!

The pre-race week was tricky. It was so hot outside that I ended up doing one speed training workout indoors and one outside with the stroller. I treated that week as a training week and not a taper because I have bigger races coming up. Friday night I did a cross training class too that may or may not have been a super smart move.

I made some other mistakes that I will share:

  • I didn't hydrate well enough to accommodate the hot weather during the week or my bf'ing hydration requirements.
  • I ate way too early (5 a.m.) and didn't have any fuel pre race (9 a.m.).
  • I didn't carry water despite my gut feeling that I needed it.
  • I downed a glass of gatorade at a water station despite not having gatorade or running with it for about 18 months lol.
  • I made the rookie mistake of starting way too fast. Ok not fast by a lot of measures, but faster than I am capable right now. My first 5k were about 5 min kms that dropped to 5:30 for the last three. I overestimated my fitness level and endurance right now.
The good points:
  • It felt so revitalizing to run faster an be on course with amazing runners!
  • The medal is fantastic!
  • I have a base line to set training paces off of now!!
I finished 10k in 53:11. Not horrible, not ground breaking. I am pretty proud of it regardless and can't wait to get to more races!!


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