Friday, 12 September 2014

10 months!

As usual, this post is a bit behind schedule but my oh my have we been busy!

It has been a trying month in terms of sleep, but I don’t blame you little man. You cut four teeth in two weeks, I’m quite certain you grew two inches, and every time you wake up from sleepy time I swear you have a new skill to show us.

So what did ten months bring?

You pretty much hate being fed purees now. You would much rather feed yourself, even though that means berry explosions and chunks of cheese stuffed in the sides of your highchair.

Your favourite foods are blueberries, peanut butter, smoothies and bananas. Tomatoes and cucumbers are off the list, as is broccoli.

Watching you walk with the little walker is so adorable yet scary at the same time. You have a need for speed and unfortunately that results in some tumbles. Any day now I think you will just take off!

Your favourite books right now are the touch and feel ones. Like touch and feel farm, that’s not my lamb and trucks.

You have become a real chatterbox whether it is babbling to yourself or screaming for more food. We are working on our inside voices but you don’t entirely grasp that concept just yet.

Your favourite toys are the music table, lumi sticks and your drum. You are quite musical I think and love to dance anywhere and everywhere.

I am soaking up as much of you as I can before I head back to work and you start your new homecare adventure. I am sure you will be the braver one though.

Love you much!


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