Friday, 12 September 2014

9 Months

You turned nine months old on Monday. Can you believe we have made it this far? Admittedly I feel like we are a much better team now than in those first awkward months when we were just getting to know one another.  When I think about going back to work tears come as I am not quite sure what our days will look like without one another.

You are my silly boy. You like to do things for attention and to test mommy and daddy like crawling quickly towards the stairs and looking back to see who will come stop your escape. You play peek a boo with us and love to be chased.  I especially love your little squeals when you think you will be 'caught'.

You love to eat. Your favourites are definitely banana, smoked tofu, pitas and almond butter. You still hate peas. So much so that you decided to throw them at mommy instead.

You sure are cruising around the furniture. Grandma and Grandpa think you are so close to walking when they see you on FaceTime. Today in the grass you stood up twice on your own!! I can't believe it but I quess the day is coming when you will take your first little steps.

You read books every night with Dada after bedtime routine is done. I don't think you have a favourite but you do like to crawl over and flip through your little basket of books.


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