Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Hiking with Baby

This post is a bit late, but I wanted to take some time to share our hiking adventure with you! I will preface this by emphasizing that I am by no means an experienced hiker. It is J's thing. However, I wanted to try it out with Weston as part of our try anything new and expose him to the world parenting view.

Our original plan was to hike 11km to an Alpine Club of Canada back country hut. Mother nature had other plans for us and the forecasted snow fall gave us just enough time to make alternate plans.  Plan B: day hikes with Canmore as a base.

By far, the most challenging part was figuring out how to dress a baby appropriately for any and all kinds of weather.  As a runner, I know all about layers so I set out to find Weston sweat wicking clothes.

Here is my packing list for a baby (9-12 months)

  1. Rain suit - I really tried to find a used one but ended up having to buy one new (this one in yellow!). I am hoping we get some wear out of it next spring!
  2. Snow suit - yes I had to pack a snow suit ;(
  3. Fleece bunting - This one from MEC 
  4. sweat wicking t-shirts - this was the hardest thing to find but I lucked out when I was in Carters one afternoon. These are like mini running shirts!
  5. fleece pants
  6. wool socks - smart wool kids socks (these actually work really well as mittens in a pinch on tiny hands)
  7. winter hat
  8. mittens and fleece booties
  9. bug repellant 
  10. first aid kit - after bite, medicine, polysporin etc.
  11. baby carrier
  12. compostable diapers - I chose the G-diapers which are pretty easy to find and super easy to use!
  13. Baby food pouches and screw on spoons.

Doesn't that look like a beautiful summer vacation : )

If you are interested in the trail we took or any other details please let me know.


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