Tuesday, 7 October 2014

11 months

How can this be!!

Yesterday you spent your first afternoon at the day home as I prepare to head back to work. To say I have mixed feelings about it would be an understatement.  I feel a tug in so many directions. To stay home, to work, to find a new job, to go back to school. I honestly don't know what is best for us little man but I am going to watch and listen to you for some direction. If you are finding it too hard, we can change things up. If you are loving your new friends, I will get back to our new normal.

Here are some funny things you are doing lately:

When we got to Winnipeg you go down on your hands and kneed to greet Lily (the pug) and started panting like a dog. It was so adorable and funny!

You are on a vegetable strike but are loving berries of all kinds. You messily try to use a spoon too and you are starting to show interest in using your right hand.

You are still not walking but I am letting you do it at your own pace.

You are super snuggly lately and will run over mid play to give a quick hug.

Your not sleeping that well. Last nigh was a pleasant exception, but you have been up quite a bit and early rising too.  Lets hope things get back to (your) normal before work.

You still have 6 teeth but there are others that must be trying to join the party.  The drool and extra grumpies are a dead give away.

You try to eat all the leaves in the backyard.

You love slides!! The swing is not your favourite, but the slide! You could play on it all day.

Right now you are kicking your crib while you should be napping. This is a new thing ; )

Love you much!


  1. W looks so grown up in this picture!

    I remember the mixed feelings well. . . I felt like I had change so much during my year off that I couldn't imagine going back to my old life. It will take some time and a few growing pains but you'll all adjust to your new normal.

  2. I know!! He has changed so much in the past two months. Still pretty bald though haha!!


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