Friday, 5 December 2014

Thirteen Months!

I'm sorry I missed 12 months! What kind of mommy does that? I will make it up to you in scrap book pages I promise.

Here is a recap of all things new and wonderful:

  • You are in a new daycare and loving it! We even went to your first Christmas pageant this week and were so proud of your tambourine shaking.
  • You and Grandma spent two weeks getting to know each other and I think she fed you a lot of treats. It has been a while since a lb/month weight change lol!
  • You can throw a ball and even try to kick them now.
  • You are liking reading more. Daddy has a strict bedtime reading regimen with you (mommy is more about the snuggles)
  • You started walking at 12 months and two weeks. You are very good at it now and can spin to change direction. You were showing me today.
  • Favourite foods are berries, yogurt, waffles, and pesto (but only sun dried tomato)
  • You love to dance.
  • You still have 6 teeth but I think a top molar is coming in.
  • You are in your new carseat!
  • You can sign more and all done.
  • You call Mommy!! and Dada (and a lot of other things I am not great at deciphering)
  • You are still pretty bald. Don't worry, mama was too.
  • You like to fall off of things (pool ledges, first steps, the couch)
  • You like to honk peoples noses.
There are so many more and you are changing every day (just like the size small theme song).

Love you much,



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