Monday, 12 January 2015

14 months!

Why hello fourteen month old Weston! It is so nice to see a little more of your personality every day. What is new at fourteen months? Running! This child is so fast you need to move like lightening to stop him from getting into things he shouldn't. It can be pretty funny at times (and downright terrifying at others). Here are some other highlights of this month:

  • You started riding your push bike. We have been trying for a while to get you to feel more comfortable on it and then out of nowhere you climbed on all by yourself! Scooting backwards and lifting your feet up like a stunt man seem to be your favorite tricks right not.
  • The leap. Oh the leap. This one has been funny. Some nights are sleepless, some are 13 hour stretches of deep blissful sleep. One minute you are happy, the next you are angry/mischievous/sad/screaming. Basically you are learning emotions and letting us know it. I especially like the sidewards glance to let me know you are testing me. 
  • A lot of babbling. I don't think there is a consonant you can't say now. Except maybe L and Y but those are tough so I don't blame you. We have full conversations on the walk home from daycare in which you pretty much sound like the Swedish chef.
  • Pointing. You point at so many things and I name them. You get mad when I don't know what you are pointing at.
  • High fives!
  • Knocking on doors when you want in. Including the bathroom door. Knocking escalates into pounding quite quickly.
  • Saying uh-oh, Hi, Bye and Milk (or meh but I get that you are trying to say milk).
  • Carrying around GiGi everywhere. You never really had an attachment to stuffies but now GiGi is your main squeeze. Even when you wake up in the morning and I come to lift you out of the crib we wait for you to gather Gigi and your soothie. 
  • No more breastfeeding. This probably deserves a whole post, but it actually turned out to be rather anticlimactic so I am not sure how I really feel about it yet. None the less, it has been 8 days now with NO breastmilk. You are such a big boy now!
There are some many more milestones this month I am sure I have forgotten most of them already. I think this has probably been the best month yet in terms of playing together and getting to know this little man more.

Love you much!!


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