Thursday, 26 February 2015


Lately I can't believe I have a 15 month old (yes, I missed the 15 month post). Where did this little man come from ,with his cheeky smile and screams of joy mixed with terror when we play chase around the kitchen island?

Lately I am really enjoying running again. Maybe because I have been injury free for a while, or  maybe because I am finally working with a coach (more on that later) which removes the stress and just lets me run.

Lately I have been running without music or walk breaks. It is just me and my thoughts, which can be an amazing place to be.

Lately I am completely lost as to what my five year goals or life plan is. At one time I thought I knew, but I am imagining so many different scenarios right now that I can't nail anything down. I have questioned whether this is floundering, an exploration phase or contentment.

Lately I am thinking more about the possibility of two children.  Weighing the pros and cons of being an only child family while pondering whether I have the heart space for two when this little one seems to have consumed every inch of my soul.

Lately I (we) are in desperate need of a holiday. A break where we can feel warm sun, walk unhurriedly and slow down life.  No itineraries, no schedules, no internet!

Tell me about your lately!


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