Friday, 31 July 2015


What does one do when they realise they haven't written a post in 6 months? First, wonder where the time has gone and when it began to fly by so quickly! 

We now have a 21 month old. He continues to amaze me every. single. day.

Work has been a haze of new roles, transitions and getting through the week to celebrate the weekends. Probably not a career dream, but I am making it work for now.

I am back leading a half marathon clinic which has been both rewarding and trying at times. I have noticed I over commit myself because I don't always think about my mommy role. I am learning, albeit slowly. 

I have trained for 3 half marathons but have not run one of them. I have no answers other than I have a mental block and I am not trusting the training (which is about 80% there).

What is Weston up to??
  • 2 word combinations and sometimes 3.
  • Singing and dancing! His favorites are 5 little monkeys, skinny-marinky-do, and where are the bananas.
  • Watching Yo Gaba Gaba
  • Climbing everything. Including the wheelbarrow. 
  • Taking food out of the pantry and telling me he is hungry.
  • Riding his bike.
  • Helping in the garden (watering the plants, raking, making mud pies...)
  • Putting apple sauce and juice in his hair. I think he is trying to do what J does with his hair product??
  • Running away at bedtime!
  • Having play-dates and making new friends. 

We are soaking up every moment of summer and enjoying the last months of being one. Soon we will have a big change as he moves on to the purple room at daycare. It is exciting but sad as he moves past all these milestones. 

Have a wonderful summer!!


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