Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015: Let's Review

Is anyone else finding it a bit jaw dropping that another year has come and gone so fast? In 2016 I will turn 36, which is pretty much like almost 40 in my books. We will parent through the terrible twos and hopefully hit some new PRs.  But before we jump ahead, let's look back on 2015.

2015 is the year I sprained both ankles. Not at the same time, but still a very serious setback in my running plans.  It is the year I took on a new challenge at work, learned to balance working more hours after bed time, and found myself wondering how people who work very intense jobs even manage to parent at all.

In 2015, both of my parents experienced serious health problems.  For the first time, I became acutely aware of how aging is impacting their health.  It was a scary year, which at times had me searching for jobs closer to home so that I could be nearer to them in case of emergencies.

I know it is sounding like quite the dreary year, so let's get on to the good parts shall we.  In 2015, our little boy grew from a baby into a hilarious, inquisitive little boy. He has leapt from toddling to full on running. He can speak in 5 word sentences and asks us the funniest questions.  For example, in the car parking lot he will point at every vehicle and say "Is this a back hoe?".  He knows of course that they are cars, but he seems to think it is a very funny joke.  We always laugh... maybe that is why.

This past year I got back into leading my first half marathon clinic since having Weston. It was all kinds of fun. There is something especially rewarding about helping other runners reach their goals.

I also hit some of my own milestones.  I ran 2 half marathons, raced Grizzly Ultra as a duo with J, and raced a weekly trail series (which is completely outside of my comfort zone). I worked with two different coaches in 2015 to help me get back into a consistent running schedule. I took a runners strength training class as well, but I didn't exactly stay injury free :).

Most importantly, in 2015 I feel like I grew as a parent and found my way to a new world where I can work, be present for W, and run for me. It is an ever changing landscape, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Tomorrow I will be back with some of my goals for 2016 (hint: blogging more should be one of them).

I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating the last moments of 2015. It was a great one, but 2016 can be even better.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Two and change

We officially have a two year old. Two years. I can hardly believe that. It has been quite the hiatus from blog land. Work has been busy, running has been steady and we have been immersed in watching this little man grow into the charming little fellow he has become.

I have been struggling to find time to write anything of substance or at least something that would be appealing to other people.  It seems that the day to day, while very exciting to me, can be a bit boring to others. It really is wake up, work, play with W, run, sleep... mostly every day.  

As I look forward to 2016, I have some big goals.  A full marathon, a duathlon, and most importantly parenting a 2 year old.  I would like to find a way to share it all in a way that is meaningful and community building.  I have found it more and more important to find like minded moms/parents that are juggling work/training/parenting.

It is not easy. Most of our arguments are about who is running when, who isn't pulling their weight on house chores how to do everything while somehow managing to spend more time with W. 

In 2015 I got burnt out by a couple of things. Running 5 days a week being one of them.  I don't have a job where I can easily run at work and I have an early start so that I can do an early pickup from daycare. I have yet to find a workable solution which is complicated by having only one car.  Running home works, but it is always the same run commute.  Fitting in speed work and tempos, the stuff that leads to improvement, is much more challenging.

I have thought about buying a treadmill or getting a gym pass to make evening running easier.  At least I wouldn't be alone in the dark on the icy roads!  I have also thought about renaming this blog "Trials and Errors", because that is what I feel most of my running world has become :)

In sum, this is a check in. A chance to feel out the blogging world and see how to reinvent this space.  I am looking forward to this holiday season and a fresh start in 2016!