Friday, 22 January 2016

#Impi Team

I am so thrilled to share that I have been chosen as a member of the 2016 Balega Impi Team! In the words of Balega:

Impi is a zulu word that means warrior. We want you to be a warrior in our Balega tribe and help us conquer the  world in explaining to others the Balega difference!

I have had the opportunity to be an ambassador or influencer for a couple of brands now and by far, the most valuable part of the experience is connecting with other runners and fitness enthusiasts.  Why Balega? We runners have our sock brands that we trust the most in a race situation.  I discovered Balega a couple of years ago by chance when I got a pair in my Christmas stocking.  Since then, I have been a frequent visitor to one of the two shops that carries them here in Edmonton to stock up.

Here is what makes me picky about socks:
  • Double layer socks, while great for some runners, always bunch up for me and cause rubbing.
  • I like a heel tab, low-profile sock, but it has to be high enough to not slip below your shoe.
  • Position of toe seams. Have you ever been mid race and wondered, "what the heck is rubbing my toe?!"
  • Material. Not too thick, but too thin and my feet are too cold for this northern climate.
  • Compression mapping. There is a reason the arch is tighter.
  • Colour options. I don't like black socks!
Besides the great fit and blister protection for my hard to sock feet, here are some other things I love about them:

The Lesedi Project
Balega's corporate culture is centred around giving back to the Zulu culture which is a pillar in the companies history and identity. Lesedi translates "light and enlightenment", which for Balega reflects the concepts of shining outward and inward.  Through the project, Balega has assisted a school for physically disable and visually impaired children in South Africa, partnered on a beadwork project to raise funds for school tuition, helped finance a therapeutic play space, and provided scholarships to the school.

Balega also raises fund for veterans and breast cancer awareness through special campaigns and sock promotions.

It is important, I think, when partnering with companies to reflect on how you match up with their corporate vision and responsibilities.  I am very fortunate to have been chosen in 2016 and look forward to offering opportunities to share the Balega love!

Do you have a favourite sock? And horror stories to share about bad socks on a long run??


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