Saturday, 2 January 2016

In 2016 I will...

yesterday our little family kicked off the new year by attending a fun run and goal setting session.  After running just under 7 shake out ks, we headed back to a great local gym and wrote our fitness goals for 2016 on the chalk wall.

Here is my big one for 2016: Run a 3:40 marathon to BQ for my age group!

at the moment, I am 7 weeks into my base training cycle of marathon training for the Vancouver BMO. It is a lofty goal.  My saving grace (and curse) is my strong suite is in endurance.  My half times don't differ much from my 10k's so what seems impossible might be wishing reach.

In the fall, I dropped running 10 and 1s which has been a pretty big change for me.  I have battled a few injuries but I am hoping that getting my nutrition in check and doing more strength work will help in that area.  Recovery eating within the proper time window is tough for me because I usually feel really nauseous post long run. I have a few tricks that my dietitian shared though so I am hoping to put all of these things together into a solid training plan.

My other goals include:

  • Staying injury free. 
  • Adding in more speed workouts and tempos. The track is not my comfort zone, but I know I need to put in the work to get the results.
  • Eating less processed foods. I am not horrible in this area but I do eat convenience foods like packaged hummus and crackers way more than an adult woman probably should.
If you are curious, J's goal for 2016 is running a 1:16 half.  We have mapped out all our goal races so that our training doesn't overlap too much and no one (me) is left with the short end of the training stick. 

I would love to hear your goals for 2016 (they don't have to be fitness related).

Happy New Year!!


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