Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Run Less, Run Faster

Hi all!

I wanted to share with you some of my running plan for 2016.  As you know, I get injured quite frequently.  Despite doing what I think is quite a bit of runners strength training and stretching, I end up with random aches and pains that sometimes develop into much bigger issues.

For example, in 2015 I had a sprained ankle (totally my clumsy fault), a calf strain, hip pain and most recently a strain near my hamstring tendon. Yikes!!

After quite a bit of talking with J about our training plans I happened to come across a runners world article in my twitter feed on the Run Less, Run Faster program.  I immediately bought the book and started reading it on kindle that evening.

Once I was convinced, I also bought the app which does exactly as you would hope: plans out your three runs a week.

Here is what the plan is not:

  • less activity. While I run 3 days a week, I also have two intense x-training sessions. I usually choose spinning class so I get in a solid 55-60 minutes which is above the recommendation and above the amount of time I would have spent doing a recovery run.
  • Easy. The runs are harder in terms of intensity. One track workout and 1 tempo plus a longer run that is paced much faster than I am used to.
Here is why I think it might work for me:
  • Hopefully less injuries because my two x-training workouts will be much lower impact.
  • I am still learning to mom and run. Time constraints are real friends, and three days a week is so much easier for me to schedule and I will hopefully have less stress and guilt when I can't make 5-6 days a week.
  • Speed workouts are my weak spot. I sometimes get in the habit of thinking "at least I ran" when I didn't have the energy to complete harder workouts. I end up running a lot of "junk miles" or workouts that just don't have a great benefit for me training wise.
  • I have dropped 10 and 1s. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that plan, but I was feeling that I couldn't run with other people who didn't do the 10:1 program and I have had a couple of races where I have been completely thrown off my game by a pace bunny that doesn't take walk breaks.
I am in week 9 of marathon training, but week 2 of the RLRF program.  Honestly, it is too soon to give you feedback on how it is all going but I am optimistic!!

Want to read more? Here are some handy links:
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I would love to hear about how you are training in 2016? Are you switching things up at all? Do you have a tried and true approach?

Let's chat!


  1. I've never followed that plan, but when I do train it is 3 days per week. Anymore than that I found that I was burnt out on running by the end. This year I hope to run a half marathon!

    1. You could absolutely run a half! Let's keep in touch about that goal! I would be happy to be a training partner ; )


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