Monday, 7 March 2016

Check in

The most exciting event to hit our household in a while took place this Saturday: our new treadmill was delivered!

It is no secret that I have had a hard time scheduling workouts since Weston arrived.  Sure, one parent can easily go out for a run/workout but there are a number of things that need to sync in order for that to happen. 

If J runs home I have time to run after, but after not seeing Weston all day I try my best to maximize the two or three hours I have with him a day.  This means we eat dinner and do bedtime routing first, and a run can happen by 8pm (if not later).  Because it is dark out and I would be running solo, the best option is to head indoors to a treadmill.

Days J doesn't run home, he also does intervals later which means more time juggling. I would typically go first to be home for him to head out. The downside of this is cutting workouts short or not hitting my paces in order to get home on time.

And then there is a timing/nutrition issue.  If I have intervals to do, I can't eat a full dinner at 6:30. Weston ends up having less family sit-down meals which I am just not comfortable with. I could run in the morning, but I also flex my schedule so I start at 7:30 and have to be out the door by 7am.  Again, because it would be dark out, sub zero and lonely running I would opt for indoors. I typically see Weston for 20 minutes before work and I don't want to miss that time either.

In talking with other runners, I really think the challenges we experience are related to having two runners in our household. I wouldn't say I compromise my training more, but I am more likely to miss a workout than J. I am a bit more flexible because I don't train as hard. The impact on my running is noticeable. As mentioned before, I am following the RLFR program so that I only run 3x a week. The workouts are intense! Lately, I haven't found time for an 8k tempo so I shorten them (and shortchange my training).

After a lot of deliberation and even a placed and cancelled order I finally decided enough was enough. We need a treadmill!

I went with a NordicTrack sale at Sears. It's a mid-range model that will be used mostly by yours truly.  Yesterday I logged my first 40 minutes during nap time while J did a Costco run. It was so freeing to be able to pop downstairs and pump out some miles while Weston napped. 

For our family at this moment, it seemed like the best solution. I just wish I had made the decision two years ago!

How do you juggle training sessions with family life??


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