Thursday, 21 April 2016

Safety on the Run with Armpocket

Let me start this post with a confession. I am not always a safe runner. I hate carrying a phone, I rarely have ID, I don't have one of those info bands or tags for my shoes. I don't have a good reason other that I get really irritated by having things in my pockets. They rattle, keys jingle, phones feel heavy.

A couple of weeks ago on a run my friend T laughed and laughed when I said I brought my bank card as ID. I was sort of serious. When Armpocket offered me the opportunity to test out one of their arm bands for running, I was excited but apprehensive. I have tried belts and backpacks in the past and have not been a fan.

I went with the purple aero-i10 model because it was best for my phone (the super reliable but slightly outdated IPhone 5s :) ).

Here is what I loved about it:
  • There is a separate pouch inside for my bank card, ID and a key.
  • It was tight enough to stay up on my arms (note: I need to work on arm strength)
  • There was no chafing.
  • The colour was great!
  • There are two small holes in the bottom for ear phones for your phone. 
Here are some other benefits:

Comfort: ergonomic design paired with cushioned memory foam, soft moisture-wicking rayon bamboo and durable sport velcro conforms to your arm and stays in place.
Protection: Weather and sweat proof.
Quality: Built to be durable and last. Made from sustainable Eco-friendly PET fabric, natural rayon bamboo, with pristine stitching and double zipper closure.
Convenience: Keep your protective case on your phone. Easy touch screen navigation and audio port function. Interior storage for ID, keys, and more.

I feel the Armpocket will be particularly good for long distance trail runs when I really should have a way to contact someone in case of emergency.  There are a lot of other colour options if purple isn't your thing.

Thank you Armpocket for the chance to try your brand and product!

Do you carry a phone? How do you practice safe running?


  1. If I'm running alone, I don't take anything aside from my phone. I usually try to text someone to let them know I'm going for a run, what trail I'm on and if they don't hear from me in a couple days, that's where to start looking :p

  2. For my longer solo runs on the weekend, I've been wearing my camelbak so I can carry my phone, keys and drivers licence.

    1. That is a good idea! I really need a new camelback or vest.


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