Tuesday, 26 July 2016

When life gives you lemons

I am looking forward to the long weekend. In part, because we have an extra day off to spend together, but mostly because I am eager to send July on it's way.  July is usually a good month for me. It is my birthday month, the month that officially says summer is here joined by later sunsets and warmer temperatures. This July however has been an unwelcome intruder in my summer plans. 

It started with two ER visits and an unfortunate fracture in Weston's ankle. Jay then learned that he most likely has another (threes a charm?) stress fracture in his pelvis and what appears to be bone growth on the cam joint of his hip. I was told 17 days ago (but who's counting) 's take a three to six week break from running because my left hamstring tendon is still extremely inflamed and at risk of a larger tear at this point. To be honest, at this point I haven't been able to run consistently for the past seven months without pain so it is probably a needed break.  It still stings.

When the trails are lush and everyone is planning mountain running getaways, it is hard to sit idle. When there are two runners in one household that are on a break it is even more trying. Add to the recipe a toddler who can't walk or go to the park to get rid of two-year old energy, and everyone's spirits are tested.  

So what is the game plan? Regroup. Strength train. Drink coffee on the deck while everyone runs. Ride bikes with our new-to-us chariot. Plan trips. Dream about running. Look at possible fall races that you could take part in. Attend appointments with paediatric bone specialists, chiropractors and MRI techs.  I would add reading to the list, but all I am reading about is why my child is now walking with his foot turned out and whether I should be concerned??

We have 6 weeks left of work until we take our first three-week vacation since Weston was born. It is not a globe trotting expedition but we are excited to see what the great state of Oregon has to offer. We have hikes mapped out and donut shops to visit, children's museums and Weston's first dip in the ocean. 

The cloud that hung over July will lift and we will be back to ourselves. I hope your summer has been  whimsical and full of adventure. If not, let's dream about August together : )


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