Tuesday, 11 April 2017

New Review! Smartwool from Altitude Sports

This spring I had the chance to partner with Altitude Sports to review some great seasonal active wear.  I chose a Smartwool Product, in particular the Smartwool Propulsion 60 Jacket.  This is actually my first Smartwool item (apart from socks) so I was really looking forward to the review.  I had my choice of a few items and chose one most suited to my activities and climate.   You can view the full collection here.

My first test for the jacket was a 45 minute run in about +2 (celcius) weather.  I was overdressed but I didn’t overheat. I think this is a real pro of natural fibres – they keep you just the right temperature and are more breathable.  I also did a 90 minute run in chillier weather and was really impressed with the warmth of the jacket with just a really light base layer beneath.  My final test was my 5k run commute home with a small pack. I wanted to see whether there would be bunching or if the breathability would be impacted.

I received a medium and it was really roomy without looking sloppy.  For layering, a medium was ideal but a lot of my run tanks are very fitted so a small would have been ok too.  The sleeve length was great! I have a problem with short sleeves on things so I was happy to have a jacket that actually came down to my wrists.   Overall, I really like this jacket.  The only things I might have added are more reflective tags for visibility and maybe a tuckable hood.  I like the look of hoods more than the functionality.


  • Great for moderating body temperature as you run.
  • Good length of sleeves for longer arms. Note: there are no thumb holes which I really appreciate because I sometimes think thumb holes make an item fall firmly in the workout wear category while this jacket is a bit more versatile
  • No restriction to movement at all!
  • Even with a small pack on for my run commute there was no visible sweat marks or damp spots (this can be a real pain in cooler temps when you stop for a light to change).
  • Two roomy pockets with easy to access zippers.
Altitude also included 2 pairs of socks and I have been wearing them almost every other day.  The hide and seek sock are great for ankle boots and more comfortable than the Secret Sleuth ones that were in my Christmas stocking this year.

Now that I have a new appreciation for the Smartwool line, this tank in on my wishlist!  I would be interested in seeing how these fabrics respond in the summer heat. 
You can read more about the history of Altitude Sports here. I really appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with this great Canadian company!


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